Be A Guest At Your Own Holiday Party

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We all know how stressful holiday parties can be... especially when you're the host. This year, we invite you to let us attend to what goes on behind the kitchen door, so you can relax and enjoy those who come in the front door. Drop us a line or read on to discover how Sugarloaf Culinary can help.

Give us some info and we'll contact you to discuss pricing, availability ...or the weather.

Why should I fill out the form above?

You should complete the form if you are having any sort of holiday celebration and are considering hiring some help in the kitchen. We love talking about all things food & beverage and would love to hear what you’ve got in mind for this year’s holiday party. We offer top-notch “Custom Catering” services that may be a perfect fit for the needs of you and your guests. Fill out the form to have a knowledgable member of our team contact you for an informal, obligation-free chat about that potential fit.

What does “Custom Catering” mean? Are you just another caterer in town?

We use the word “catering” because we provide most of the same services available through a typical caterer. However, with Sugarloaf Culinary, those services are provided by an expert Personal Chef, on-site in your home and are personalized to your exact specification. You don’t have to choose from a preset menu or select a service plan from an existing package… that’s where we get the “custom” part from. We work (with as much or as little involvement from yourself as you desire) to create the ideal experience for you and your guests; there’s never a need to settle.

How do I know if “Custom Catering” services are right for my party?

The way we see it, everything from simple apps & cocktails with the neighbors to gathering the entire family (along with their families) for a nice sit-down dinner can be enhanced with our team of culinary professionals in the kitchen. We also believe that every host should be able to be to enjoy the evening as much as their guests do, which anyone who has ever thrown a party knows can be challenging at times. The best way to find out is to complete the form above to be contacted by one of our knowledgable team members for a no-pressure, informal chat about what you’ve got in mind for this year’s party.

Do you offer different levels of service?

Absolutely. We can help get you from Point A to Point B or from Point A to Point Z. For example, together, we may decide that your party will be best served by us arriving early to cook the main course and then being gone without a trace before most of your guests even arrive. On the other hand, you may identify the need for our chef and kitchen staff to prepare all of the food for the event, serve it to you and your guests and be on hand to ensure quality control for the duration of your event… and we can even stick around to clean up after everyone has left. Every situation is different; we will always make sure we’re providing you with the appropriate level of service(s) down to the last detail.

What kinds of parties do you specialize in?

Smaller, in-home gatherings from 6 to 25 people where food and beverages will be served are ideal for our “Custom Catering” services. We excel at creating the perfect casual cocktail party experience, while planning, preparing and executing a formal five-course dinner is another one of our top talents. And as you might have guessed, we also do everything in between.

How much does it cost?

As you can imagine, due to the highly customized nature of these services, it is extremely difficult to provide any pricing until we have at least a few of the details regarding your event. We always provide a consultation to get to know you and your event, after which we can provide you with an accurate quote for what you can expect things to cost. However we do understand that pricing is often the deciding factor, so we’re always happy to try to come up with “ball park” figures when requested before getting to the point of a formal quote. In either case, all you have to do is get the ball rolling by filling out the form above or calling us directly at (303) 817-1369.